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Why Surestride?

A new Approach with a classical Heritage.

We aim to help riders improve their composure, balance and fluidity in their riding through clear, non-pressured, easily actioned methods.

As Equestrians we are always looking for ways and methods to improve our horses learning ability and also help to supple and increase the physical fitness of our mounts, often to do this we might vary targeted exercises and seek the benefits of working in hand specifically and effectively focus on its own balance, cadence and on a mindfulness level to really help these movements process without the distraction of a rider, and I for one can certainly see improvements in my horses by using these age old, tried and tested methods, However as a rider - how many of us have ever considered the improvements and benefits we might obtained in our OWN ability's by working separately and the learning barriers we could remove? once we open our minds to consider this, the possibilities are tremendous!

Learn to Move and work in Harmony with your horse.

Remove the confusion, pressure and apprehension and lean in a surprisingly clear, focused and inspired way.  Why not drop us a line with your enquiries and let us see if we can help you find harmony with your horse.