Who and What is SureStride

My name is Leasha, I fell in love with horses and riding at a very early age, here I am riding my Shetland 'Roscoe' at 18 months old, even at this age I was trying to teach other kids how to lead and groom him, I enjoy teaching and watching the confidence and ability of those that I teach grow very much.

I believe in keeping riding simple, in working to encourage the horses participation and that the best horse to ride is one that has been allowed to maintain his character. riding can be a therapeutic endeavor, where you quiet your mind to everything else except riding and are tethered to the moment with dedication and happy intentions and this can happen automatically, almost instantaneously as we settle into the saddle - but wouldn't it be wonderful if this experience could be also as happy for the horse? And this is why I will always have an enormous admiration for Heather Moffett, her experience, her teachings and her Enlightened Equitation methodology. I created SureStride to help deliver these methods, in my own way and to spread awareness of blissful riding through Enlightened Equitation.

At Home...

We are based near Horsmonden in Kent - myself, my partner and our two daughters.

We have three horses and two ponies including my dearest old friend Roxanne who has been with me for 15 years, she is temperamental and contrary in character but has a huge heart and always tries her heart out for her people, we have had some crazy and funny adventures together.

Our most recent additions to our little herd are Lola our 17.2hh Irish draft who is as gentle as a lamb and I look forward to getting accustomed to her ways this spring/summer and RedRock who is a 15.2hh Welsh D,  at a very sprightly 21 years young he has already taught one family of children the dedication needed and rewards offered in horse-riding and comes to us to help my daughter progress further, he is a true character of the most adorable kind. 

Our other members are Hope the Shetland who is of a rather contrary nature but is dearly loved for who she is and our rare Eriskay Pony Truffles, we do try to support British rare breeds and are members of the Rare Breed Survival Trust, along with our Eriskay we also have English goats.

We are planning to use our herds and home next year in order to offer Equestrian Assisted Learning and Relaxation Sessions as from my own experience the calming presence of a horse can be such a wonderful experience and help us feel more centered and grounded throughout life events,  Also,  my experience through home tutoring my girls is that in can be an excellent asset in getting the kids engaged, inspired and ready to learn!