Time to think, time to process, time to breathe.


 We will be launching our Equestrian Supported Studies Sessions Next Year!

This year we have completed our qualification to enable us to offer Equestrian Supported Study Sessions here at our home and  we look forward to welcoming clients here to join us and discover the wonderful feeling of observing and enjoying the presence of a horse. We will offer the opportunity to learn all about them and horses as a species, we can cover history, behavior and how they interact with each other, we would love to offer the opportunity for creative writing and art sessions as well the the chance for peaceful and reflected moments in which to check in with ourselves and perhaps find that we can reduce our stress and anxiety a little and become that bit more grounded.

We will offer these opportunities on a one to one basis but also in groups of no more than four to maximize the benefits of our sessions.

SureStride Equisimulator Lessons

SureStride rider-based tuition programme to increase harmony and balance in horse/rider performance

SureStride Rider Performance lessons utilise cutting edge technology along with a classical methodology to give a unique and progressive approach to rider training.

By using  a Heather Moffett Equi-simulator in our bespoke studio and coordinating with a pressure pad assessment  we are able to focus on the riders biomechanics and allow muscle memory to build and evolve in a safe, relaxed and productive environment. Please see below for further details.

We are  the proud suppliers of the HM FlexEE and Pad-dle ranges, unique hand made saddles with the option to have a cost effective E-Fitting with their designer Heather Moffett!
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Why A simulator lesson?

By separating rider from horse and working on an Equi-simulator I can pinpoint and target problem areas / barriers that are inhibiting progress giving clients an empowering feeling of achievement and increased harmony when they bring their new ability into practice on their own horses.

How will this translate through my riding?

By Separating horse and rider we can help riders focus more on recognising feel and improving riders strength, balance and flexibility, but sometimes when we bring the horse back into the equation it is helpful to have guidance to remind our riders and help with a smooth Transition from simulator to steed! Therefore we do offer off-site lessons with clients own horses to support our clients during this part of there journey

But I am all ready having lessons?

Our methods often aid and compliment other riding tuition, they don't have to present conflicting advice in order to manifest themselves as 'the missing piece', Sometimes a fresh, rider centric approach focusing on muscle memory and proprioception is incredibly beneficial to the horse and riders overall partnership and can show noticeably in there performance at there next coaching session.

SureStride provides an inspiring, feel-good experience alongside having tangible proof of improvement.

Clients enjoy the clarity and confidence that it gives them as well as the leaps of improvement they experience

SureStride Equestrian aims to support the rider in measuring progress accurately , offering a fresh approach to strengthen and support them, therefore SureStride doesn’t have to be the riders exclusive method of learning but instead can work alongside their existing trainers/coach.

Using our methodologies based on Enlightened Equitation can create a more synchronized body for the horse to carry which in turn improves the horses performance.

  • Targeted more enhanced approach

  • Cost effective

  • Results that accumulate and last

  • improved muscle function

  • less pressured, enjoyable, easy to understand

  • convenient lesson times

  • Elements that can be practiced dismounted at home

  • Removes the fear factor

  • improves autonomy ability


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Count Me In!! 

would a simulator lesson be beneficial to me?

Below is a guide to just some of the clients that we have helped, please feel free to contact us for further advice on any specific elements or enquiries.

Returning to Riding?

A simu;ato lesson can be an excellent aid to the journey back into the saddle, we understand how it can feel when returning to riding, there can often be that daunting aspect of feeling 'propped on top' of the saddle

Just Starting out?

A Simulator lesson is the perfect way to get to grips with how to ride the motion with out the worry of riding the horse,

Heather Moffett in her Enlightened Equitation method questions the age old saying that riders should 'follow the movement' and points out that if you are following something it generally means that you are behind it, These methods of Enlightened Equitation help beginners to understand and FEEL how to move with the horse and our cost effective and progress rich simulator lessons mean that they can be an amazing addition to any current riding lessons that you are having.

A niggling issue?

We understand and sympathise with any rider suffering from a persistent 'niggle' whether it might a rising heel, forward creeping knee or a collapsing hip (I think we may have experience them all at one time or another) It is sometimes hard to make that change in realtime on horseback, we keep trying the same things and are perplexed to be meeting with the same result, So lets think outside the box! with a simulator we can point point an issue, target it precisely without the variable aspect of the horse and put into place a programme to strengthen the mechanics and cement a permenant change.

Rider maintenance and tick over.

There are many instances whereas despite our best wishes and intentions we aren't able to get as much time in the saddle as we would like? perhaps we are only able to have one riding session a week? for those of us that rely on lessons or a share, Perhaps we work long ours that make it difficult to fit riding in, especially during winter months? Or the instance that we all dread - time out to to an injury to our horse. We can help with a lesson during our to suit you and a simulator lesson can help maintain our muscle structure and memory