SureStride Equestrian Goal Planner Challenge!

Here at SureStride we love to keep in touch with our clients and  celebrate their achievement's with them and we also know that sometimes its hard to find focus to improve or achieve our goals when there is always a mountain of things that we need to do, always a haynet to fill, always a barrow to empty etc.

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed trying to juggle priorities, or pulled in too many different directions to be able to do your best? Exhausting isn’t it! You’re not alone. Trying to ‘do it all’ sometimes leads to giving up, but don’t worry, help is at hand! We have created this  PDF resource specifically to: enable you to identify your goals; show you how to break those goals down into smaller (more manageable) goals; and assist you in effectively channeling your energy in order to achieve them, Plus, its ABSOLUTELY FREE to download!!  and if you are a Heather Moffett Saddle owner we will send you a Free hardcopy certificate when you complete your challenge and achieve your goal! (Details on how to request this are within the planner forward).

If you have any issues downloading this please do feel free to email me or use the 'contact us' form and I can send you an copy via email

So what are you waiting for - the lighter nights and better weather are on their way, its time to start setting those  goals and working towards achieving them!

Good luck - You've Got this!

Love from Leasha x

Your Certificate!

Once you have completed your final goal you can print off this certificate and ask your chosen person (instructor or coach for example) to sign off on it for you, alternatively for our clients and Heather Moffett Saddle clients that would like a free hard copy please follow the instructions on the planner which will tell you how to request this!