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Suitability Advice

ReferEnce Photo's

We always offer clients the opportunity for some initial advice to try and ensure the suitability for horse and rider and their chosen saddle, to do this we ask a few questions and a series of photos. The photos that we need are usually from each side of the horse without tack and one from the back looking down onto the horses back and shoulders, it is helpful to try and keep the horse as level as possible throughout and with a neutral head position, now, these can be quite tricky! and so it is often helpful to have an assistant - I didn't have an assistant on this occasion and so chose to be a bit of a wimp and use my daughters Shetland Hope (little bit o' moonlight) as an example rather than one of the bigger ones!
HM Saddles

How to Create a template

For information on how to find the right point at the shoulder and the last rib as well as how to take a template measurement please see the video below, It is worth noting that some scanners can automatically resize to produce a print that is within the margins so I would always advise that customers measure a line (e.g. an inch) and write below it the measurement so that the recipient can double check the scale.